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    Chazo22z's Application


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    Chazo22z's Application Empty Chazo22z's Application

    Post by Chazo22z on Wed Jul 06, 2011 3:31 pm

    Name/Nickname:Chazo22z everyone just calls me Chaz though (real name)
    Location:Illinois US
    Timezone:Central Time
    What are your plans once LH comes out? To play until my heart contends if that it will work on my computer I've tried to make it work right now but i get a query sting error admin told me i should wait till come out and it should be fixed
    Tell us Something about yourself:I'm a huge gamer i love gaming i love anime and i listen to rules i speak good English i have some what proper grammar (except for typos)i am very active and would prob love playing this game ill be on forums all the time hope you accept this thx Very Happy!

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